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Four head eight station vertical winding machine (main and auxiliary machine)

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  Four-head eight-station vertical winding machine (main and auxiliary line integrated machine): four-station work and four-station waiting; the machine can wind the main phase coil and auxiliary phase coil of the induction motor stator in the same wire cup fixture Medium, saving time for hanging up; stable performance, atmospheric appearance; fully open design concept, convenient debugging; widely used in various domestic motor manufacturers.
  The normal operating speed is 2000-2500 rpm (depending on the stator stack thickness, coil turns and wire diameter), and the machine has no obvious vibration and no obvious noise. The patented technology of non-resistance wire passage is adopted to ensure that the enameled wire wound at high speed has no stretching. The rotary diameter of the turntable is small, the structure is lightweight, the transposition is fast, and the positioning is accurate; the dual system is configured, and one of the systems fails and the other system can be activated.
  The machine can be equipped with a powerful automatic mold adjustment function (invention patent number: ZL201610993660.3, utility model patent number: ZL201621204411.3), when the iron core stack thickness changes, the system will automatically adjust the opening distance between the winding dies. It saves the time of manual adjustment of the interval between frequent production.
  The machine can wind the main and auxiliary phase coils at the same time; the equipment can arrange the coils neatly in the hanging cup, which is especially suitable for the stator winding with high output requirements; automatic jump section, automatic processing of bridge wire, automatic wire cutting, automatic separation The degree is completed in sequence at one time; the man-machine interface can set the number of turns parameters, winding speed, sinking mold height, sinking mold speed, winding direction, etc.; winding tension is adjustable, with continuous winding, discontinuous winding and other functions ; Can meet 2 poles 4 poles 6 poles 8 poles motor coil winding.
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