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Winding and embedding machine (two winding and one embedding 14 axes)

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•This series of models are designed for induction motor stator winding and wire embedding. It integrates the main phase coil station, secondary phase coil station, slot contracting station, and wire embedding station; the winding station automatically turns the coil Arranged neatly into the wire embedding die, effectively avoiding wire embedding, flat wire, and broken wire caused by crossover of coils and clutter caused by manual wire hanging; the wire embedding station consists of servo wire embedding, wire pushing, and paper pushing height The parameters can be set freely on the touch screen; multiple stations of the machine work at the same time without interference with each other, and the degree of automation is high! It can meet the winding and embedding of 2 pole, 4 pole, 6 pole and 8 pole motor stator.
• The double slotted wires or three sets of servo independent wires for high slot full rate motors can be designed according to customer needs.
•Multi-head multi-station winding and embedding integrated machine can be designed according to customer needs (such as one winding one embedding, two winding two embeddings, three winding one embeddings, four winding two embeddings, six winding three embeddings).
• This machine has a powerful alarm function for detecting the damaged paint film; it is equipped with a protective insulating paper device.
• Full servo control for bridge line processing, length can be adjusted arbitrarily.
•Automatic adjustment of stator stack height changes (including winding station, slot making station, embedding station). No manual adjustment is required (standard models do not have this function, if you need to customize it).
• The machine is controlled by a precision cam divider to control the rotation of the turntable (with a detection device after the end of the rotation); the turntable has a small turning diameter, a lightweight structure, rapid transposition, and accurate positioning.
• Configure 15-inch large screen, more convenient operation; support MES network data collection system.
• Low energy consumption, high efficiency, low noise, long life and easy maintenance.
Zongqi Automatic Embedding Machine is dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of professional automation equipment, and has been constantly introducing domestic and foreign
The latest production technology is suitable for customer equipment for fan motors, industrial three-phase motors, pump motors, fan power
Machine, air conditioner motor, smoke machine motor, tubular motor, washing motor, dishwasher motor, servo motor, compressor
Dozens of motors, such as motors, gasoline generators, automobile generators and new energy vehicle drive motors, etc.
Paper machine, coil shaping machine, wire embedding machine, winding machine and other automation equipment.
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Product model   LRQX2/4-120/150
Fly fork diameter   180-380 MM
Number of mold segments   5
Slot full rate   87%
Adapt to wire diameter   0.17-1.2MM
Electromagnetic wire material   copper wire/aluminum wire/copper clad aluminum wire
Bridge line processing time   4S
Turntable transposition time   1.5S
Applicable motor pole number   2, 4, 6, 8
Suitable for stator stack thickness   20MM-120MM
Maximum stator inner diameter   140MM
Maximum speed   2600-3000 revolutions per minute
Air source pressure   0.6-0.8MPA
Power supply   380V
three-phase four-wire system   50/60HZ
Power   10KW
Weight   3500KG
Dimensions (L)   2400*(W)1200*(H)2200

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